Download exakat community edition

  1. Download exakat   Download latest   .md5   .sha256
  2. Install the database
  3. mkdir exakat
    cd exakat
    curl -o exakat.phar
    curl -o
    mv apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.3.3 tinkergraph
    rm -rf
    # Optional : install neo4j engine.
    cd tinkergraph
    ./bin/ -i org.apache.tinkerpop neo4j-gremlin 3.3.3
    cd ..
    php exakat.phar doctor
  4. audit your code with exakat
    php exakat.phar init -p sculpin -R;
    php exakat.phar project -p sculpin

The Exakat community edition is ideal for learning and do-it-yourself analyse on your PHP code that do not require high levels of scaling.

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Download Exakat here or use it online on Exakat Cloud

All versions of exakat include :

Exakat requires a Gremlin 3 graph database, and Java 8 to run.