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Download exakat

Download the latest exakat version (check its checksums SHA256 or MD5), in a new folder, called ‘exakat’.

Install the graph database

In the previous folder, install the Gremlin database

 mkdir exakat
 cd exakat
 curl -o exakat.phar
 curl -o
 mv apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.4.3 tinkergraph
 rm -rf

 Optional : install neo4j engine.
 cd tinkergraph
 ./bin/ install org.apache.tinkerpop neo4j-gremlin 3.4.3
 cd ..

Test the install

Run the following commands to check if your installation is valid

// Check that Exakat.phar may be run
 php exakat.phar version
// Review the installation, configuration and provide diagnostics
 php exakat.phar doctor

Run an audit

Here is a simple example to run an audit with the previous installation. This helps ensure that all is ready.

php exakat.phar init -p sculpin -R;
 php exakat.phar project -p sculpin

After the audit, open the file called ‘projects/sculpin/report/index.html’ in your browser.

Other exakat installations