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Download exakat, install it and run it on your software. Any feedback is encouraged, either on slack or via email.

Exakat is Open Source, the beta-test is free of charge and available for all. When filling this form, you receive Exakat code source and all the PHP analysis.

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We also offer an online free-trial, that saves the installation and is the best way to test it.

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Download Exakat, audit your code

Download Exakat, audit your code

All versions of exakat include :

  • over 300 PHP analysis
  • over 12 themes : security, performances, migration to PHP 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2, clear PHP
  • Complete documentation
  • Multiples reports, covering code smells, dependencies, security, compilation dashboards.
  • Installation on Linux, vagrant, docker.
  • Include it in your software lifecycle tools.