Exakat 1.9.9 Review

Exakat 1.9.9 Review Exakat focuses on automated updates this week : two new reports (and sections) provide recommendations to use Rector and Php-cs-fixer for fixing, en masse, issues found during an audit. Also, no less than 9 new rules were added to Exakat, and a new inventory for mbstring encoding.  The Exakat 1.9.9 review is the best […]

Exakat 1.9.8 Review

Exakat 1.9.8 Review This week, Exakat upgrades the presentation of the inventories. It refactored the method definition detection, and added new rule for hiding parameters and wrong case. Several modernisations were applied, in particular to the ‘Insufficient typehint’ rule. Coding is inherently risky, and it helps to readd the Exakat 1.9.7 review. Upgraded Inventories Code […]

Exakat 1.9.7 Review

This week, Exakat added a new inventory for too many chained object. The engine upgraded the storage of Typehint and Default values, which lead to several modernisation and coverage extensions, such as ‘typehint are for interface or abstract classes’, and ‘Never used parameters’.  Code is like a series of baby steps, and a good Exakat […]

Exakat 1.9.6 Review

One for the security, one for the performances, several for the coverage and one new inventory! Exakat 1.9.6 brings a wide range of new analysis and reports : performance with mb_substr(), security without TLS 1.0, better coverage for definitions, and inventory of duplicate literals. We are evolved to search for meaning but ultimately life has […]

Exakat 1.9.5 Review

Exakat 1.9.5 includes analysis that prevents code from decaying, or warn you early about it : useless type checks thanks to Typehint, non-implemented interfaces, incompatible signatures with PHP 7.3, wrong expectations with interface typehints. Also, PHP 7.4 migration was upgraded with the upcoming change of bit shift precedence versus concatenation. And, Ambassador reports typehints for […]

Exakat 1.9.4 Review

Exakat 1.9.4 has a new harvest of new code reviews to make PHP code better and better : rules for PHP 7.4, whose Compatibility PHP 7.4 ruleset now has 21 rules; rules for backward compatibility; inventory of structures nesting and dimensions for arrays; rules for ?? and . precedence. We also introduced a new report, ‘Stubs’.  There […]