The Clean Code Solution for Your DevOps Workflow in PHP

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Introduction In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, DevOps has become a vital part of ensuring efficient and seamless delivery of applications. While DevOps practices enable collaboration and automation between development and operations teams, maintaining clean and high-quality code remains a challenge. This is especially true for PHP developers, who often encounter difficulties in identifying code […]

PHP 8 Attribute usage in 2023

PHP 8 attributes in 2023 PHP 8 introduced the attributes, in lieu of the phpdoc comments. They may be added to classes, methods, functions, parameters, properties and class constants and provide a PHP-way to write custom configurations. This is a way to provide contextual information inside the code, and make it available to the PHP […]

14 PHP arguments that are not enough used

14 PHP arguments that are not enough used PHP has a few thousands functions under its belt, and there are even more arguments. And just like for functions, some of those arguments are not often used, while they provide a useful extension to the original behavior of the function. The posterboy of the unknown arguments […]

Semantic typing

Semantic typing Semantic typing is an old practice, where the name of the parameter would also tell what its type is. It is typing, because a $string is supposed to be typed, and it is semantic, because only the human reader is actually using the meaning : PHP doesn’t really care. The interesting part is […]

Unpacked, named and positional arguments are in a call…

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Unpacked, named and positional arguments are in a call… Argument spread is the three dots operator, when used with arguments. Its primary usage is simple : it stands in front of a variable, and turns an array into a list of arguments. Recently, while checking the PHP 8.1 migration guide, I realized that named arguments […]

The three nothings of PHP

The 3 nothings of PHP Mathematicians have the concept of infinity, which represents something that cannot be topped. Strangely enough, infinities come in different sizes : some infinities are larger than others. That sounds quite paradoxical, yet somewhat understandable. On the other hand, PHPians, if we can say that, have three kinds of nothing. The […]

Let’s make PHP more abstract


Let’s make PHP more abstract abstract is a conception keyword. It is decided during the conception phase that some classes and some methods uses the abstract keyword. Later, that keyword might disappear as needed, yet abstract never appears sponteanously. Nobody decides abstraction late in the coding phase. That seems to be a lack of practise […]