PHP native Attributes quick reference

PHP native attributes In PHP 8.0, PHP added attributes to its vast arsenal of features. Later, the first native attribute, aka, available in the core of PHP, appeared. Here they are, for quick reference. In PHP 8.2, there are 4 native attributes. Attribute ReturnTypeWillChange SensitiveParameter AllowDynamicProperties Override Attribute Attribute is the attribute to make a […]

Exakat 2.4.6 Review

loops goes inside

Exakat 2.4.6 Review Exakat 2.4.6 finishes the movement to Gremlin 3.6. It now prepares PHP 8.2, with the upcoming feature freeze by the end of July. Preparation for Gremlin 3.6.0 With this version, Exakat has finished the move to Gremlin server 3.6.0. All drivers are now ready, and many rules have been ported to the […]

Are bracketless instructions on the way out?

Bracketless instructions PHP control structures, such as foreach, for, while, if/then/else,… are followed by one or several instructions. When there are several instructions, a block needs to be set up, with curly braces. When the following instruction is unique, it is possible to skip the brackets, and only use the instruction. This feature has always […]