PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities Forecast

PHP 8.0 incompatibilities forecast

Which are the PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities to expect? PHP 8.0 is around the corner, with major applications starting their move to have compatible code by early December 2020. This is the case of WordPress, Laravel, or PHP-CS-Fixer. Exakat is all ready, both for running on PHP 8.0, and auditing PHP 8 code. What about […]

Exakat in Github Action

Exakat in Github Action Github Actions is way to automate your software development workflow on github. You can execute actions on your repositories at Github, and resolve issues before merging new code. Exakat integrates smoothly in the Github ecosystem with a dedicated action and its configuration. Let’ install Exakat in Github Action! Getting started Exakat […]

Exakat 1.9.7 Review

This week, Exakat added a new inventory for too many chained object. The engine upgraded the storage of Typehint and Default values, which lead to several modernisation and coverage extensions, such as ‘typehint are for interface or abstract classes’, and ‘Never used parameters’.  Code is like a series of baby steps, and a good Exakat […]

Exakat 1.9.6 Review

One for the security, one for the performances, several for the coverage and one new inventory! Exakat 1.9.6 brings a wide range of new analysis and reports : performance with mb_substr(), security without TLS 1.0, better coverage for definitions, and inventory of duplicate literals. We are evolved to search for meaning but ultimately life has […]

Exakat 1.9.2 review

Exakat 1.9.2 releases several reports, and raise readiness for PHP 7.4. And, under the hood, we have some foundation upgrades, that will extend the nature of results from analysis. As they say, you have to look through the rain to see the Exakat 1.9.2 review. Class dependency diagram This is a new report : it […]

Exakat 1.8.9 Review

Exakat 1.8.9 Review Exakat 1.8.9 is out. This week, we are packing new analysis and several graph refactoring that are helping us push the analysis further. The analysis cover disconnected classes, the double usage of blind variables in foreach(), usage of mb_detect_encoding(), and useless type hint checks.  Constant values are propagated even further; foreach now […]

Exakat 1.8.5 Review

Exakat 1.8.5 Review Exakat 1.8.4 and 5 are maintenance version, that focus on fixing edge cases and speeding up analysis. In particular, several analyses have taken advantage of the constant resolution system, to apply checks on literal and constants alike. We also included a new analysis that checks if literal could be replaced by an […]