Exakat 1.2.6 review

Exakat 1.2.6 review Exakat 1.2.6 got its review! This is all about the schizophrenic arrayunique() situation, since we have both ‘Avoid arrayunique()’ and ‘shoul use array_unique()’ in the same engine! Also, we added zookeeper. It’s the short Exakat 1.2.6 review. array_unique() situation Arrayunique() has been the target of an analysis until PHP 7.2, as it […]

Exakat 1.2.4 review

Exakat 1.2.4 review Exakat 1.2.4 features a special report ‘Confusing variables’, that help readability by reducing the number of look-alike among variables. Several bugs were also hunted and get rid of. In the same time, we have some more recommendations about memory usage. It is a bright cold day in April, and the versions are […]

Exakat 1.1.7 review

Exakat 1.1.7 review Exakat 1.1.7 and 1.1.6 are reviewed together this week. Two new reports are introduced : Stats and Fitting PHP version. Several new analysis are added : suggestion to use arrayfillkeys(), 4 new PHP extensions, and a TOCTOU classic problem. It is time to walk the Exakat 1.1.7 review. New Stats and Fitting PHP […]

Exakat 1.1.1 review

Exakat 1.1.1 review With the new year 2018, we though it was time to dive into a significant upgrade, and so we did. We changed the internal storage of tokens from strings to dictionary: that means less memory consumption, less token manipulations et more speed. It also shifts complexity from one part of the application […]

Exakat 1.0.11 review

Exakat 1.0.11 review Happy new year 2018 to you all, code reviewers. The final versions for Exakat in 2017 were small upgrades: we took advantage of the end of the year to remove some bugs, and fix some long waiting tasks. So, in the end, it is the most stable version of Exakat that starts […]