Exakat 1.0.5 review

Exakat 1.0.5 review The last Exakat version for November 2017 has been published. This time, it contains a good list of upgrades and fixes, and no less than three new analysis and a new report : regex validation, call parent:: first and uncommon environment variables. The reports are inventories, presenting any email, URL, SQL or $_GET index […]

Exakat 0.11.8 review

Exakat 0.11.8 review Exakat 0.11.8 has been published, as usual on Monday. This week, exakat received its very first PHP 7.2 specific analyzer : PHP 7.2 supports overwriting abstract methods. It goes with all the other PHP 7.2 analyzers that are ready. The Ambassador report now includes reports about framework usage, string encoding and a […]

Up and running exakat in 15 mins

Get up and running with exakat Exakat is a smart static analysis engine for PHP. It reviews the code fast and produces reports tailored for every needs : issues and code smell for programmers, inventories and maps for architect ; compilation and configurations lists for sys admins ; dashboards for team leaders. Including over 320 analysis and spanning […]

Exakat 0.11.5 review

Exakat 0.11.5 is out, right after the excellent Darkmira Tour Brazil. Although it delayed the Monday publication, it also gave a list of good ideas and some time in the airport to work on it. So, this version is featuring a new report, called ‘Dependency wheel’, and four new analysis: Avoid typehinting with classes, Could […]

5 invisible bugs starring at you

I’m sure you have experienced the ever-green art of steganography : a bug hiding in plain sight in your code. Yet, this is an invisible bug. The code compiles, IDE reports nothing wrong, unit tests are a failing everywhere, and you keep reading the sources without finding anything. And suddenly, it strikes you : YES, […]

Exakat 0.11.0 review

Exakat 0.11.0 (Immortal Ruyi) is out with great new version! This week, Exakat is on composer! A two lines installation is ready for faster usage. And Exakat accelerated the result extraction phase by removing prepared statements : less queries to the database is always faster. Exakat is also suggesting to use str_repeat() instead of loops, […]