Exakat review, version 0.10.9

Version 0.10.9 is here : time for the weekly exakat review . This week, we reduced the memory footprint in the gremlin server with a better check on the relations between elements in the code graph. This gives us less data to import, and less branches to analyze. That’s a gain in speed. We took time to […]

Where can you get an elephpant, the PHP elephant ?

Where can you get an elephpant ? The elephpant is the famous unofficial logo of the PHP community, turned into a snugly plush toy. They have been around the Internet since 2007, and may be met about everywhere. Elephpants have been sighted on every emerged continent in the world. But where can you get an elephpant ? There […]

Exakat @ PHP UK Conference the 16TH & 17TH FEBRUARY 2017 at The Brewery, London

PHP UK CONFERENCE 16TH & 17TH FEBRUARY 2017 The Brewery, London Exakat will animate two session “Last train for PHP 7.1” and “Static analysis saved my code tonight” at the PHP UK CONFERENCE the 16TH & 17TH FEBRUARY 2017 The Brewery, London. More information on the PHP UK CONFERENCE website