Upgraded Exakat : serie 0.7.x

There is an upgraded Exakat version available. Since May, we’ve been working hard on a major upgrade of the exakat code base. After two years of growing and adding features, the initial architecture was showing signs of aging, that needed to be upgraded. For example, structures definitions, such as classes, functions, constants, etc. were kept […]

Find private properties in your PHP code

Find private properties in my PHP It is always good to use the lowest visibility possible for a class member, and only relax the constraint when it is really needed. This is probably a old adage, shared with other programming languages, and one that I’m trying to apply more and more. Public properties will act as […]

3 Open source PHP 7 Static analysis tools

PHP 7 Static analysis tools With PHP 7 officially live, it it time to review code and get it ready for migration. It is now time to think about migrating code to the new version, taking advantage of new features et reduced server load. This means reviewing all the code : it may be too much […]

Exakat at PHP World 2015 the 18th November to present PHP7 error message

      PHP Worl 2015 brings together the entire world of PHP into one location together. The idea is to bring everyone together to learn from each other and make the greater PHP community stronger for it. Damien Seguy, CTO of Exakat, will present the “Error messages in PHP 7” session based on our […]