Exakat 1.9.9 Review

Exakat 1.9.9 Review Exakat focuses on automated updates this week : two new reports (and sections) provide recommendations to use Rector and Php-cs-fixer for fixing, en masse, issues found during an audit. Also, no less than 9 new rules were added to Exakat, and a new inventory for mbstring encoding.  The Exakat 1.9.9 review is the best […]

Exakat 1.9.8 Review

Exakat 1.9.8 Review This week, Exakat upgrades the presentation of the inventories. It refactored the method definition detection, and added new rule for hiding parameters and wrong case. Several modernisations were applied, in particular to the ‘Insufficient typehint’ rule. Coding is inherently risky, and it helps to readd the Exakat 1.9.7 review. Upgraded Inventories Code […]

Exakat 1.8.6 Review

Exakat 1.8.6 Review Exakat 1.8.6 is a performance version. First, Exakat moved to Tinkergraph 3.4.2, using the latest and brightest of the graph database. Several analyses were refactored for faster processing, then the Query engine was optimized to skip side queries when possible. And finally, we’re working on loading time, both directly and with the […]

Exakat 1.8.3 Review

Exakat 1.8.3 Review Exakat 1.8.3 has been refactoring a lot of property and method infrastructure. We are now quite satisfied with the new handling of properties, even if some unit tests are still not passing. In the meantime, we added new tactical checks : how to speed up usage of magic properties, by choosing the […]

Exakat 1.6.6 Review

Exakat 1.6.6 Review The Exakat 1.6.6 was born in Miami, during sunshine PHP 19. The conference is incredibly energetic, and with the help of fellow attendees, it provided inspiration for some interesting update : PHP supports strings with logical operators (good for security); Exakat reviews typehint and check if they are sufficient in the method […]

Exakat 1.6.3 review

Exakat 1.6.3 Review This is the Exakat 1.6.3 review for the 2019 new year! New analyzers focus on the upcoming speed boost for array_key_exists(), and the sometimes missing capturing subpatterns from preg_match(). The Ambassador report now includes a ‘new issues’ section, which displays only the most recently found issues in the code, since the last […]

Build Your Own Coding Reference With Exakat

Build Your Own Coding Reference With Exakat When reviewing PHP code with Exakat, there are always more issues than time to fix them. There is a time to learn from audited code, and time to focus on fixing. Both of them have their own rule set. Exakat provides several ways to make a selection among […]

Exakat 1.5.7 review

Exakat 1.5.7 Review This week, on the Exakat 1.5.7 review : the ambassador report is augmented with the traits matrix and the ‘New issues’ section. We added support for ext/wasm and ext/async, two very interesting new extensions. Self referring traits and methods that could be static are some of the new rules. And the old […]