Exakat 2.4.4 Review

Exakat 2.4.4 brings a host of improvements, at the engine level, and with new analysis.

Preparation for Gremlin 3.6.0

With this version, Exakat has started the move to Gremlin server 3.6.0. This is an important move, as Gremlin tighten the bolts of the language. In the long run, it will help choose among the numerous Gremlin engines available.

New analysis

Migration to PDFF

Some rules are refactored with the PDFF files. PDFF stands for PHP Document File Format, and describes in great details an external component, a framework or a PHP extension. With it, it is possible to review code without downloading that dependency.

For example, the Static methods called from objects now takes into account any configured external components.

Happy PHP Code Reviews

All the 1500 analyzers are presented in the manual, including the noble : Large try blocks): Avoid using too large a try block. Keep it small, and focused on the actual call that may raise the exception.

You can check all of the Exakat reports at the gallery: exakat gallery.

To use Exakat, you can install it as a phar archive, install it with Docker, upgrade it with ‘exakat.phar upgrade -u’ and like us on github.

It is also available as a Saas Platform.