Array, classes and anonymous classes memory usage

Printing press characters in their boxes

I have been working with a code base that uses a lot of arrays as hashes recently. This is a style that I am confortable with, as I do enjoy PHP arrays : flexible, powerful, versatile. Who don’t like them? Yet, I keep hearing that classes are more memory efficient than arrays. Yet, I still […]

Unraveling the Quest for the Fastest Case Insensitive Char Comparison in PHP

Recently, I delved into a piece of code that involved a case-insensitive comparison of a character to a specific letter. The code, though straightforward, had room for optimization. Not being a fan of lengthy logical expressions, my curiosity led me to explore ways to make it more concise and potentially faster. What is the fastest […]

Collateral behavior changes with PHP 8.0 switch()

Collateral behavior changes with PHP 8.0 switch() PHP 8.0 introduced a modernisation of the comparison between integers and strings. It changes the result of comparisons when a string is compared to an integer. Obviously, it includes comparing 0 and ” (empty string). This means that some comparisons were true in PHP 7, and are not […]

Well-Structured Switch Command in PHP

Ensuring a Well-Structured Switch Command in PHP In PHP, the switch statement is a powerful tool for controlling program flow, especially when dealing with multiple conditional branches. However, achieving a clean and efficient switch has its own snags. This post explores essential tips and practices for checking the quality of a ‘switch’ command to ensure […]

New PHP error messages in PHP 8.3

WIndow onto PHP 8.2

New PHP errors messages in PHP 8.3 The upcoming PHP 8.3 is bringing some new errors messages. They originate from new features, deprecated ones, and extra checks on the source code. Let’s review the new PHP error messages in PHP 8.3 and get our code ready for November 2023. Previous review New error messages in […]

The Clean Code Solution for Your DevOps Workflow in PHP

devops php

Introduction In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, DevOps has become a vital part of ensuring efficient and seamless delivery of applications. While DevOps practices enable collaboration and automation between development and operations teams, maintaining clean and high-quality code remains a challenge. This is especially true for PHP developers, who often encounter difficulties in identifying code […]

14 PHP arguments that are not enough used

14 PHP arguments that are not enough used PHP has a few thousands functions under its belt, and there are even more arguments. And just like for functions, some of those arguments are not often used, while they provide a useful extension to the original behavior of the function. To catchup with them, here are […]

Semantic typing

Semantic typing Semantic typing is an old practice, where the name of the parameter would also tell what its type is. It is typing, because a $string is supposed to be typed, and it is semantic, because only the human reader is actually using the meaning : PHP doesn’t really care. The interesting part is […]