Exakat 1.6.6 Review

Exakat 1.6.6 Review The Exakat 1.6.6 was born in Miami, during sunshine PHP 19. The conference is incredibly energetic, and with the help of fellow attendees, it provided inspiration for some interesting update : PHP supports strings with logical operators (good for security); Exakat reviews typehint and check if they are sufficient in the method […]

How many parameters is too many ?

How many parameters is too many? Now, that is a classic question, that is often a minefield for anyone writing an increasing long list of argument in a method, or simply trying to set up auditing tools. Obviously, the answer is not immediate. Parameters may be needed, but on the other hands, currying functions allows […]

Exakat 1.1.8 review

Exakat 1.1.8 review After last week double edition’s review, we needed some quiet time. This week, we upgraded the ‘Randomly sorted arrays’, added two new extensions and closed two nasty bugs. So, here it is, your moment to read the Exakat 1.1.8 review. Support for IBM Db2 and Leveldb ext/ibm_db2 is an interface to IBM […]

Exakat 1.1.4 review

Exakat 1.1.4 review A new week, and an incredible harvest of PHP tricks. Some made it to the Exakat engine, so as to support the language handling; some made it to the analysis, so as to help us develop better. Tricks include array_keys’s extra parameters, unicode codepoint, constant scalar expressions and arrays (sic), dir . Let’s review […]

exakat 0.12.3 review

Exakat 0.12.3 review Exakat 0.12.3 is out like a hot summer diner. For this week’s menu, we are served with support for the new PHP 7.2 syntax in grouped use, 2 analysis hunting down default values and typehint mismatches, and a recommendation to start using the Null Object Pattern. Exakat now also delivers data in […]

Exakat 0.12.1 review

Exakat 0.12.1 review Exakat 0.12.1 has been published, right back from the excellent Dutch PHP Conference. The whole event covered 4 days, including Workshops, Sessions, Code Night, Uncon and DPCon social meetings. Exakat received enthusiastic feedback from ‘Reviewing unknown code with static analysis’ ! We also received suggestions from Marcus Bointon, Petra Drieskamper, Ivan Enderlin […]

Exakat 0.12.0 review

Exakat 0.12.0 Exakat 0.12.0 is now out, after a rough publication day. The main work on 0.12 is the new support for Janusgraph that has started. This is still quite hidden, but you’ll feel the effect soon. Also, we got two nice contributions: the non-breakable spaces classes, from Matthieu Napoli, and the optional property, via […]

Exakat 0.11.8 review

Exakat 0.11.8 review Exakat 0.11.8 has been published, as usual on Monday. This week, exakat received its very first PHP 7.2 specific analyzer : PHP 7.2 supports overwriting abstract methods. It goes with all the other PHP 7.2 analyzers that are ready. The Ambassador report now includes reports about framework usage, string encoding and a […]

Exakat 0.10.7 : support for slim framework

Exakat 0.10.7 (Immortal Antelope Power) ships with a lot of behind the scene works, and little to show. This is now becoming a classic: we need to collect a lot of data from frameworks or PHP, store them by version, and generate… a boolean. All that work for so little. But, in the end, it […]