One less hidden bug with Enum

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One less hidden bug with Enum PHP 8.1 provides now enumerations, a.k.a. enums, as a native PHP construct. They provide a custom type with a limited set of values. Enumerations have been around in PHP in various forms, for a long time : check bensampo/laravel-enum, spatie/enum, marc-mabe/php-enum, eloquent/enumeration or even any framework (CakePHP-enums). Before that, […]

Exakat 1.8.5 Review

Exakat 1.8.5 Review Exakat 1.8.4 and 5 are maintenance version, that focus on fixing edge cases and speeding up analysis. In particular, several analyses have taken advantage of the constant resolution system, to apply checks on literal and constants alike. We also included a new analysis that checks if literal could be replaced by an […]

Exakat 1.1.4 review

Exakat 1.1.4 review A new week, and an incredible harvest of PHP tricks. Some made it to the Exakat engine, so as to support the language handling; some made it to the analysis, so as to help us develop better. Tricks include array_keys’s extra parameters, unicode codepoint, constant scalar expressions and arrays (sic), dir . Let’s review […]