Exakat 0.11.5 review

Exakat 0.11.5 is out, right after the excellent Darkmira Tour Brazil. Although it delayed the Monday publication, it also gave a list of good ideas and some time in the airport to work on it. So, this version is featuring a new report, called ‘Dependency wheel’, and four new analysis: Avoid typehinting with classes, Could […]

exakat 0.11.3 review

Exakat 0.11.3 review Exakat 0.11.3 is out. This version focuses on speed gains, stability and adds 4 new analysis. As for news, there is now support for the sphinx and grpc extensions. Exakat also reports ‘randomly sorted arrays’, multiple catch on try and the alternative tags consistence. More insights for your code. Randomly sorted arrays […]

Exakat 0.11.0 review

Exakat 0.11.0 (Immortal Ruyi) is out with great new version! This week, Exakat is on composer! A two lines installation is ready for faster usage. And Exakat accelerated the result extraction phase by removing prepared statements : less queries to the database is always faster. Exakat is also suggesting to use str_repeat() instead of loops, […]

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3 Exakat 0.10.3 shipped with 6 new PHP analyzers : see the changelog. Here is a short presentation of them : Use array_column() array_column() is a little known PHP native function. Read about the story : Ben Rasmey tells it himself : https://benramsey.com/projects/array-column/. When you plan to contribute to the PHP code with a new […]

Automatically Enforcing Coding Reference For PHP

Last week, I ran into ‘PHP Dos and Don’ts aka Programmers I Don’t Like‘ on reddit’s PHP group. It features a list of 11 points that the author hates finding in PHP code. I am always keen on reading from such references : they always hold some some interesting insights, some tips and some more polemic […]

Upgraded Exakat : serie 0.7.x

There is an upgraded Exakat version available. Since May, we’ve been working hard on a major upgrade of the exakat code base. After two years of growing and adding features, the initial architecture was showing signs of aging, that needed to be upgraded. For example, structures definitions, such as classes, functions, constants, etc. were kept […]