Exakat 1.9.8 Review

Exakat 1.9.8 Review This week, Exakat upgrades the presentation of the inventories. It refactored the method definition detection, and added new rule for hiding parameters and wrong case. Several modernisations were applied, in particular to the ‘Insufficient typehint’ rule. Coding is inherently risky, and it helps to readd the Exakat 1.9.7 review. Upgraded Inventories Code […]

Exakat 1.7.3 review

Exakat 1.7.3 review This week, Exakat 1.7.3 version upgrades the reports, with the automated detection of identical files, and the grouping of global variables. We shall never know all the good that a simple Exakat 1.7.3 review can do. Report of Identical Files The Ambassador report added a new item on the menu : in […]