Common PHP 8.0 Compilation Error Messages

Common PHP 8.0 Compilation Error Messages With PHP 8.0 closing on us, it is high time to check our code bases to see if they compile, at least. Here is a list of common PHP 8.0 compilation messages, and what do to with them. The errors have been found on a corpus of 1756 PHP […]

PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities Forecast

PHP 8.0 incompatibilities forecast

Which are the PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities to expect? PHP 8.0 is around the corner, with major applications starting their move to have compatible code by early December 2020. This is the case of WordPress, Laravel, or PHP-CS-Fixer. Exakat is all ready, both for running on PHP 8.0, and auditing PHP 8 code. What about […]

Exakat 2.1.9 review

Exakat 2.1.9 Review Exakat 2.1.9 comes loaded with no fewer than 11 new analysis : half of them are for PHP 8.0, and the other half is for code quality. There is now a dedicated report for migration to PHP, with backward incompatibility, and also suggestions. Let’s dive in the Exakat 2.1.9 Review. Migration to […]

Last features in PHP 7.1 (part c)

This is the third part of our series about last features in PHP 7.1. See ‘Upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part a)‘ and ‘More upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part b)‘. PHP 7.1 is now RC1 since our last article, so better dive into the code fast. We are now presenting the last batch of […]

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7 Static analysis is the analyze of PHP code without running it. The traditional way to do this is to read the code and understand it. The modern way is to use a static analysis software. Including static analysis as a regular sanity check in your coding process raises […]