Exakat 1.9.3 Review

Exakat 1.9.3 Review

Exakat 1.9.3 reviews the maximum of your code to PHP 7.4. The Compatibility PHP 7.4 ruleset now has 20 rules covering the next PHP version. Exakat also checks situations that may generate over 60 different types of PHP messages : remove them and free your logs!  Live, laugh, and Exakat 1.9.3 Review. PHP migration review to PHP […]

Versions impact on PHP code bases

As PHP evolves With the upcoming PHP 7.3, the question of the next migration is back on our tables. We’ll hear a strange mix of begging to move to the new versions for features and security, mixed with a constant threatening that some old versions will soon be unmaintained or worse. Indeed, there is versions […]

exakat 0.12.3 review

Exakat 0.12.3 review Exakat 0.12.3 is out like a hot summer diner. For this week’s menu, we are served with support for the new PHP 7.2 syntax in grouped use, 2 analysis hunting down default values and typehint mismatches, and a recommendation to start using the Null Object Pattern. Exakat now also delivers data in […]

Exakat 0.11.8 review

Exakat 0.11.8 review Exakat 0.11.8 has been published, as usual on Monday. This week, exakat received its very first PHP 7.2 specific analyzer : PHP 7.2 supports overwriting abstract methods. It goes with all the other PHP 7.2 analyzers that are ready. The Ambassador report now includes reports about framework usage, string encoding and a […]