Method fossilisation

Method fossilisation Fossilisation happens when things get harder to update. It is a process, more than a final state. In particular, it happens to methods when the signature is shared across multiple classes. With interfaces and inheritance, changing some of the elements of a method’s signature means refactoring the code in several other locations. The […]

Exakat 1.9.4 Review

Exakat 1.9.4 has a new harvest of new code reviews to make PHP code better and better : rules for PHP 7.4, whose Compatibility PHP 7.4 ruleset now has 21 rules; rules for backward compatibility; inventory of structures nesting and dimensions for arrays; rules for ?? and . precedence. We also introduced a new report, ‘Stubs’.  There […]

Exakat 1.9.3 Review

Exakat 1.9.3 Review

Exakat 1.9.3 reviews the maximum of your code to PHP 7.4. The Compatibility PHP 7.4 ruleset now has 20 rules covering the next PHP version. Exakat also checks situations that may generate over 60 different types of PHP messages : remove them and free your logs!  Live, laugh, and Exakat 1.9.3 Review. PHP migration review to PHP […]

Exakat 1.8.0 review

Exakat 1.8.0 Review Exakat 1.8.0 main new feature is the support for ‘in-code review’ : using .exakat.yml, you may run an audit from within the repository. This is particularly useful for CI. More PHP 7.4 support was added, with the upcoming change of precedence with addition and concatenation. For the current versions, Exakat is now […]

Exakat 1.7.9 Review

Exakat 1.7.9 Review Exakat 1.7.9 is bringing a wide range of updates and upgrades. First, support for PHP 7.4 is growing, with arrow functions and spread operators in arrays, and ffi extension. Then, we extended the nested ternary, in preparation for PHP 7.4’s non-nesting features. And finally, the Inventory report added the inclusions list, while […]

Exakat 1.6.3 review

Exakat 1.6.3 Review This is the Exakat 1.6.3 review for the 2019 new year! New analyzers focus on the upcoming speed boost for array_key_exists(), and the sometimes missing capturing subpatterns from preg_match(). The Ambassador report now includes a ‘new issues’ section, which displays only the most recently found issues in the code, since the last […]