A PHP Dictionary

A PHP Dictionary In the vast and dynamic ecosystem of PHP development, newcomers often find themselves grappling with a plethora of unfamiliar terms and concepts. From functions and methodologies to frameworks and patterns, navigating the PHP landscape can sometimes feel like learning a new language altogether. That’s why why we are introducing a PHP Dictionary. […]

Features that make PHP go forward

Features that make PHP go forward Open source projects often support older PHP versions, and sometimes, really much older. At some point, they take the decision to move on. With the drop of older versions, (relatively) new features can be used to modernize the sources. These features are the ones that make PHP go forward: […]

The Forbidden PHP Features Encyclopedia

The Forbidden PHP Features Encyclopedia Within the vast realm of PHP development, certain features have incurred the disapproval of various developers, leading to their outright exclusion from conscientious coding practices. This comprehensive encyclopedia serves as a curated catalog, shedding light on the forbidden features that have faced scrutiny and are best avoided in the pursuit […]

PHP Framework list

PHP frameworks A curated list of 89 PHP frameworks. Contributing See CONTRIBUTING, to add or update a listing. PHP Framework list In alphabetical order. A Agavi : Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm Aura Advanced tools for advanced applications. B Banshee : the secure PHP framework. B2evolution : […]

New PHP error messages in PHP 8.3

WIndow onto PHP 8.2

New PHP errors messages in PHP 8.3 The upcoming PHP 8.3 is bringing some new errors messages. They originate from new features, deprecated ones, and extra checks on the source code. Let’s review the new PHP error messages in PHP 8.3 and get our code ready for November 2023. Previous review New error messages in […]

Speeding up array_merge()

Speeding up array_merge() While doing a crowd review of naval battle code at @afup_rennes (in French), it appeared that the ‘no array_merge() in loops’ rule was known but not clear. Indeed, why is it that this function in particular, should be avoided in loops. Hence, this article, with a journey to memory management, coding and […]