6 good practices for use in PHP

6 good practices for ‘use’ in PHP While reviewing code recently, I realized there are no guidelines for use. Every modern code do use ‘use’ (sic), as importing classes from composer or a framework is the norm. There are now quite a few variations in syntax for importing classes or traits. Although the impact on performance […]

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7 Static analysis is the analyze of PHP code without running it. The traditional way to do this is to read the code and understand it. The modern way is to use a static analysis software. Including static analysis as a regular sanity check in your coding process raises […]

3 Open source PHP 7 Static analysis tools

PHP 7 Static analysis tools With PHP 7 officially live, it it time to review code and get it ready for migration. It is now time to think about migrating code to the new version, taking advantage of new features et reduced server load. This means reviewing all the code : it may be too much […]