Compatibility PHP 7.2

: Nothing found for this analysis, proceed with caution; : some issues found, check this; : Can't test this, PHP version incompatible; : Can't test this, PHP configuration incompatible; .

Undefined Constants 138 warnings
Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 5.3
Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 5.4/5.5
preg_replace With Option e
PHP 7.2 Deprecations
PHP 7.2 Removed Functions
New Functions In PHP 7.2
New Constants In PHP 7.2
New Functions In PHP 7.3
PHP 7.2 Object Keyword
No get_class() With Null
Php 7.2 New Class
Avoid set_error_handler $context Argument
Hash Will Use Objects
Can't Count Non-Countable
List With Reference
PHP 7.3 Last Empty Argument
Flexible Heredoc
Continue Is For Loop
Trailing Comma In Calls
No Reference For Static Property
Typed Property Usage
Concat And Addition
Unpacking Inside Arrays
Coalesce Equal
Php 8.0 Only TypeHints
Union Typehint
Signature Trailing Comma
Throw Was An Expression