Compatibility PHP 7.4

: Nothing found for this analysis, proceed with caution; : some issues found, check this; : Can't test this, PHP version incompatible; : Can't test this, PHP configuration incompatible; .

Detect Current Class 58 warnings
Don't Read And Write In One Expression
idn_to_ascii() New Default
Concat And Addition
New Functions In PHP 7.4
curl_version() Has No Argument
Php 7.4 New Class
New Constants In PHP 7.4
PHP 7.4 Removed Functions
mb_strrpos() Third Argument
array_key_exists() Works On Arrays
Reflection Export() Is Deprecated
Unbinding Closures
Scalar Are Not Arrays 10 warnings
PHP 7.4 Reserved Keyword
No More Curly Arrays
PHP 7.4 Constant Deprecation
PHP 7.4 Removed Directives
Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 7.4-
openssl_random_pseudo_byte() Second Argument
Nested Ternary Without Parenthesis
Filter To add_slashes()
Php 8.0 Variable Syntax Tweaks
New Functions In PHP 8.0
Php 8.0 Only TypeHints
Union Typehint
Signature Trailing Comma
Throw Was An Expression