No Issues Analysis

Here is the list of analysis that didn't yield any results. The more there are here, the better you're coding.

  Ambiguous Array Index
  Short Syntax For Arrays
  Getting Last Element
  Mixed Keys Arrays
  Multiple Index Definition
  No Spread For Hash
  Non-constant Index In Array
  Null Or Boolean Arrays
  Randomly Sorted Arrays
  Slice Arrays First
  String Initialization
  Too Many Array Dimensions
  Abstract Or Implements
  Abstract Static Methods
  Accessing Private
  Access Protected Structures
  Ambiguous Static
  Ambiguous Visibilities
  Anonymous Classes
  Avoid option arrays in constructors
  Avoid Optional Properties
  Can't Extend Final
  Cant Inherit Abstract Method
  Cant Instantiate Class
  Check On __Call Usage
  Child Class Removes Typehint
  Class, Interface Or Trait With Identical Names
  Clone With Non-Object
  Const Visibility Usage
  Constant Class
  Could Be Abstract Class
  Class Could Be Final
  Method Could Be Static
  Cyclic References
  Dependant Abstract Classes
  Different Argument Counts
  No Direct Call To Magic Method
  Don't Send $this In Constructor
  Don't Unset Properties
  Empty Classes
  Class Should Be Final By Ocramius
  Hidden Nullable
  Implement Is For Interface
  Implemented Methods Are Public
  Incompatible Signature Methods
  Incompatible Signature Methods With Covariance
  Instantiating Abstract Class
  Integer As Property
  Assign Default To Properties
  Make Global A Property
  Make Magic Concrete
  Method Signature Must Be Compatible
  Mismatch Properties Typehints
  Missing Abstract Method
  Multiple Class Declarations
  Multiple Identical Trait Or Interface
  No Magic With Array
  self, parent, static Outside Class
  Class Without Parent
  No Public Access
  No Self Referencing Constant
  Non Nullable Getters
  Forgotten Visibility
  Non Static Methods Called In A Static
  Null On New
  Old Style Constructor
  Var Keyword
  Parent First
  Property Could Be Local
  Never Used Properties
  Property Used In One Method Only
  Parent, Static Or Self Outside Class
  Redefined Class Constants
  Redefined Default
  Redefined Private Property
  Scalar Or Object Property
  Could Use self
  Should Use Local Class
  Static Methods Can't Contain $this
  Static Methods Called From Object
  Swapped Arguments
  $this Belongs To Classes Or Traits
  $this Is Not An Array
  $this Is Not For Static Methods
  Throw In Destruct
  Too Many Dereferencing
  Too Many Finds
  Too Many Injections
  Wrong Access Style to Property
  Undefined Classes
  Undefined Class Constants
  Undefined Parent
  Undefined Properties
  Undefined static:: Or self::
  Undefined ::class
  Unresolved Classes
  Unresolved Instanceof
  Unused Classes
  Unused Class Constant
  Use Class Operator
  Use Instanceof
  Used Once Property
  Useless Abstract Class
  Useless Constructor
  Useless Final
  Using $this Outside A Class
  Weak Typing
  Illegal Name For Method
  Wrong Typed Property Default
  Magic Visibility
  Bad Constants Names
  Case Insensitive Constants
  Use const
  Constants With Strange Names
  Constants Created Outside Its Namespace
  Invalid Constant Name
  Multiple Constant Definition
  Strange Name For Constants
  Undefined Constants
  Can't Throw Throwable
  Catch Undefined Variable
  Forgotten Thrown
  Multiple Exceptions Catch()
  Overwritten Exceptions
  Throw Functioncall
  Uncaught Exceptions
  Unthrown Exception
  Useless Catch
  Inclusion Wrong Case
  Missing Include
  Aliases Usage
  Use Named Boolean In Argument Definition
  Callback Needs Return
  Closure Could Be A Callback
  Could Make A Function
  Deep Definitions
  Dont Collect Void
  Empty Function
  Fn Argument Variable Confusion
  Generator Cannot Return
  Hardcoded Passwords
  Insufficient Typehint
  Mismatch Type And Default
  Mismatched Default Arguments
  Mismatched Typehint
  Multiple Definition Of The Same Argument
  Must Return Methods
  Never Used Parameter
  No Boolean As Default
  No Literal For Reference
  No Return Used
  Only Variable For Reference
  Only Variable Passed By Reference
  Redeclared PHP Functions
  Relay Function
  Should Use Constants
  Should Yield With Key
  Too Many Local Variables
  Typehint Must Be Returned
  Typehinted References
  Unbinding Closures
  Undefined Functions
  Unknown Parameter Name
  Unused Arguments
  Unused Inherited Variable In Closure
  Unused Returned Value
  Use Constant As Arguments
  Useless Referenced Argument
  Useless Return
  Uses Default Values
  Using Deprecated Method
  Methods Without Return
  Wrong Argument Type
  Wrong Number Of Arguments
  Wrong Optional Parameter
  Wrong Returned Type
  Wrong Type With Call
  func_get_arg() Modified
  Already Parents Interface
  Cant Implement Traversable
  Concrete Visibility
  Forgotten Interface
  Empty Interfaces
  Interfaces Is Not Implemented
  Interfaces Don't Ensure Properties
  Repeated Interface
  Undefined Interfaces
  Useless Interfaces
  Fully Qualified Constants
  Empty Namespace
  Hidden Use Expression
  Multiple Alias Definitions Per File
  Multiple Alias Definitions
  Should Make Alias
  Unresolved Use
  Use Const And Functions
  Use With Fully Qualified Name
  array_key_exists() Speedup
  No array_merge() In Loops
  Avoid array_push()
  Cache Variable Outside Loop
  fputcsv() In Loops
  Do In Base
  Double array_flip()
  Fetch One Row Format
  Isset() On The Whole Array
  Joining file()
  Logical To in_array
  Make One Call With Array
  No mb_substr In Loop
  Memoize MagicCall
  Avoid Concat In Loop
  Avoid glob() Usage
  No Count With 0
  Use PHP7 Encapsed Strings
  Always Use Function With array_key_exists()
  Regex On Arrays
  Processing Collector
  Simple Switch
  Slow Functions
  strpos() Too Much
  Substring First
  Use array_slice()
  Use The Blind Var
  time() Vs strtotime()
  array_key_exists() Works On Arrays
  Assert Function Is Reserved
  Assign With And
  Avoid mb_dectect_encoding()
  Avoid set_error_handler $context Argument
  Use random_int()
  Cant Use Return Value In Write Context
  Use Lower Case For Parent, Static And Self
  Class Const With Array
  Closure May Use $this
  Coalesce Equal
  Compact Inexistant Variable
  Concat And Addition
  Const With Array
  Crc32() Might Be Negative
  Define With Array
  Deprecated Functions
  Detect Current Class
  Direct Call To __clone()
  Don't Pollute Global Space
  Ellipsis Usage
  Empty List
  Exponent Usage
  Filter To add_slashes()
  Flexible Heredoc
  Wrong fopen() Mode
  Foreach Don't Change Pointer
  Foreach On Object
  Simple Global Variable
  Group Use Declaration
  Group Use Trailing Comma
  Hash Algorithms
  Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 5.3
  Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 5.4/5.5
  Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 7.1-
  Hash Algorithms Incompatible With PHP 7.4-
  Hash Will Use Objects
  idn_to_ascii() New Default
  Incompilable Files
  Numeric Literal Separator
  Wrong Parameter Type
  Is_A() With String
  Use === null
  List Short Syntax
  List With Appends
  List With Keys
  List With Reference
  Logical Should Use Symbolic Operators
  Methodcall On New
  Possible Missing Subpattern
  Must Call Parent Constructor
  Nested Ternary Without Parenthesis
  No Class In Global
  No List With String
  No More Curly Arrays
  No Reference For Static Property
  No Reference For Ternary
  No Return For Generator
  No String With Append
  No Substr Minus One
  PHP 7.0 Scalar Typehints
  PHP 7.1 Scalar Typehints
  PHP 7.2 Scalar Typehints
  PHP 7.3 Last Empty Argument
  Parenthesis As Parameter
  Use password_hash()
  Pathinfo() Returns May Vary
  New Functions In PHP 5.4
  Functions Removed In PHP 5.4
  New Functions In PHP 5.5
  Functions Removed In PHP 5.5
  New Functions In PHP 5.6
  PHP 7.0 New Classes
  New Functions In PHP 7.0
  PHP 7.0 New Interfaces
  PHP 7.0 Removed Directives
  PHP 7.0 Removed Functions
  Php 7.1 New Class
  New Functions In PHP 7.1
  PHP 7.1 Removed Directives
  PHP 7.1 Microseconds
  PHP 7.2 Deprecations
  Php 7.2 New Class
  New Constants In PHP 7.2
  New Functions In PHP 7.2
  PHP 7.2 Object Keyword
  PHP 7.2 Removed Functions
  New Functions In PHP 7.3
  PHP 7.3 Removed Functions
  PHP 7.4 Constant Deprecation
  Php 7.4 New Class
  New Constants In PHP 7.4
  PHP 74 New Directives
  New Functions In PHP 7.4
  PHP 7.4 Removed Directives
  PHP 7.4 Removed Functions
  PHP 7.4 Reserved Keyword
  mb_strrpos() Third Argument
  Php7 Relaxed Keyword
  New Functions In PHP 8.0
  Php 8.0 Only TypeHints
  PHP 8.0 Removed Constants
  PHP 8.0 Removed Functions
  Union Typehint
  Php 8.0 Variable Syntax Tweaks
  Reflection Export() Is Deprecated
  Reserved Keywords In PHP 7
  PHP Keywords As Names
  Scalar Are Not Arrays
  set_exception_handler() Warning
  Short Open Tags
  Should Use array_column()
  Should Use Coalesce
  Should Use Function
  Signature Trailing Comma
  Strtr Arguments
  Throw Was An Expression
  Too Many Native Calls
  Trailing Comma In Calls
  Typed Property Usage
  Unicode Escape Partial
  Unicode Escape Syntax
  Unknown Pcre2 Option
  Unpacking Inside Arrays
  Use Nullable Type
  Use PHP Object API
  Use Pathinfo
  Use pathinfo() Arguments
  Should Use SetCookie()
  Avoid Using stdClass
  Usort Sorting In PHP 7.0
  Wrong Type For Native PHP Function
  __debugInfo() Usage
  Old Style __autoload()
  Always Anchor Regex
  Avoid Those Hash Functions
  Compare Hash
  Configure Extract
  Check Crypto Key Length
  Safe Curl Options
  Direct Injection
  Don't Echo Error
  Dynamic Library Loading
  Encoded Simple Letters
  filter_input() As A Source
  Indirect Injection
  Integer Conversion
  Keep Files Access Restricted
  Minus One On Error
  Mkdir Default
  move_uploaded_file Instead Of copy
  No Net For Xml Load
  Avoid sleep()/usleep()
  No Weak SSL Crypto
  Register Globals
  Safe HTTP Headers
  Session Lazy Write
  Set Cookie Safe Arguments
  Should Use Prepared Statement
  Should Use session_regenerateid()
  Sqlite3 Requires Single Quotes
  Unserialize Second Arg
  Upload Filename Injection
  parse_str() Warning
  Adding Zero
  Altering Foreach Without Reference
  Alternative Syntax Consistence
  Constant Comparison
  array_merge() And Variadic
  Array_merge Needs Array Of Arrays
  Assign And Compare
  Same Variables Foreach
  Bail Out Early
  Strict Comparison With Booleans
  Break With 0
  Break With Non Integer
  Break Outside Loop
  Buried Assignation
  Calltime Pass By Reference
  Can't Count Non-Countable
  Cast To Boolean
  Casting Ternary
  Catch Overwrite Variable
  Check All Types
  Check JSON
  Coalesce And Concat
  Common Alternatives
  Compared Comparison
  Concat Empty String
  Constant Scalar Expressions
  Continue Is For Loop
  Could Be Else
  Could Be Static
  Could Use __DIR__
  Could Use Short Assignation
  Could Use str_repeat()
  crypt() Without Salt
  curl_version() Has No Argument
  Dangling Array References
  Dereferencing String And Arrays
  __DIR__ Then Slash
  Dont Change The Blind Var
  Dont Mix ++
  Don't Read And Write In One Expression
  Double Assignation
  Double Instructions
  Double Object Assignation
  Drop Else After Return
  Echo With Concat
  Else If Versus Elseif
  Empty Blocks
  Empty Instructions
  Empty Try Catch
  error_reporting() With Integers
  Eval() Usage
  eval() Without Try
  Exit() Usage
  Failed Substr Comparison
  Switch Fallthrough
  For Using Functioncall
  Foreach Reference Is Not Modified
  Overwritten Source And Value
  Foreach With list()
  Forgotten Whitespace
  Function Subscripting
  Global Inside Loop
  Global Usage
  Htmlentities Calls
  Identical Conditions
  Identical Consecutive Expression
  Identical On Both Sides
  If With Same Conditions
  Implied If
  Implode() Arguments Order
  Inconsistent Elseif
  Indices Are Int Or String
  Infinite Recursion
  Invalid Pack Format
  Invalid Regex
  Is Actually Zero
  isset() With Constant
  list() May Omit Variables
  Logical Mistakes
  Lone Blocks
  Long Arguments
  Max Level Of Nesting
  Mbstring Third Arg
  Mbstring Unknown Encoding
  mcrypt_create_iv() With Default Values
  Merge If Then
  Mismatched Ternary Alternatives
  Missing Cases In Switch
  Missing New ?
  Missing Parenthesis
  Mixed Concat And Interpolation
  Modernize Empty With Expression
  Multiples Identical Case
  Multiple Type Variable
  Multiply By One
  Negative Power
  Nested Ifthen
  Nested Ternary
  Always Positive Comparison
  Next Month Trap
  No Append On Source
  Avoid array_unique()
  Avoid Large Array Assignation
  Don't Change Incomings
  No Choice
  No Direct Usage
  No Empty Regex
  No get_class() With Null
  No Hardcoded Hash
  No Hardcoded Ip
  No Hardcoded Path
  No Hardcoded Port
  No isset() With empty()
  No Need For Else
  No Need For Triple Equal
  No Parenthesis For Language Construct
  No Reference On Left Side
  No Return Or Throw In Finally
  Avoid Substr() One
  Variable Is Not A Condition
  @ Operator
  Not Equal Is Not !==
  Not Not
  Objects Don't Need References
  include_once() Usage
  Several Instructions On The Same Line
  Only Variable Returned By Reference
  openssl_random_pseudo_byte() Second Argument
  Or Die
  PHP7 Dirname
  Possible Infinite Loop
  Print And Die
  Avoid Parenthesis
  Printf Number Of Arguments
  Queries In Loops
  Random Without Try
  Repeated print()
  Repeated Regex
  Results May Be Missing
  Return True False
  Same Conditions In Condition
  Setlocale() Uses Constants
  Should Chain Exception
  Should Make Ternary
  Should Use Explode Args
  Simplify Regex
  Static Loop
  strip_tags Skips Closed Tag
  Strpos()-like Comparison
  Suspicious Comparison
  Switch To Switch
  Switch With Too Many Default
  Switch Without Default
  Ternary In Concat
  Test Then Cast
  Throws An Assignement
  Timestamp Difference
  Unchecked Resources
  Unconditional Break In Loop
  Unkown Regex Options
  Unpreprocessed Values
  Unset In Foreach
  Unused Global
  Use Constant
  Avoid get_class()
  Use Positive Condition
  Use System Tmp
  Useless Brackets
  Useless Casting
  Useless Check
  Useless Global
  Useless Instructions
  Useless Parenthesis
  Useless Switch
  Useless Unset
  var_dump()... Usage
  Variable Global
  While(List() = Each())
  Wrong Range Check
  preg_replace With Option e
  __toString() Throws Exception
  Already Parents Trait
  Dependant Trait
  Empty Traits
  Method Collision Traits
  Trait Not Found
  Undefined Insteadof
  Undefined Trait
  Useless Alias
  Binary Glossary
  Hexadecimal In String
  Malformed Octal
  No Real Comparison
  Invalid Octal In String
  One Variable String
  Should Typecast
  Silently Cast Integer
  String May Hold A Variable
  Strings With Strange Space
  Missing Returntype In Method
  Assigned Twice
  Lost References
  Overwritten Literals
  PHP5 Indirect Variable Expression
  Php 7 Indirect Expression
  Strange Name For Variables
  Undefined Constant Name
  Undefined Variable
  Non Ascii Variables
  Used Once Variables
  Used Once Variables (In Scope)
  Written Only Variables