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Following strong PHP development principles is a key success factor to reduce your PHP debt. Automating the compliance of your source code trough static analyses to your own standards and norms, helps you to build sustainable projects, decrease technical debt and save time and money.

Activate The Rules You Need

Exakat rules are build on the top of a deep PHP experience and a training base of 1500 projects which offer strong value with non-controversial rule sets. The default behavior of our rules will work for most projects, but you can easily tune them to fully match your needs. The configuration files enables to active our rules 1 by 1, by set(s) of rules or either use your own defined rules set. All of that to match to your need.

         "Adding Zero": Structures/AddZero
         "Multiply By One": Structures/MultiplyByOne
         "Concat Empty String": Structures/ConcatEmpty
    My_Rules2:  [Structures/AddZero, Structures/MultiplyByOne, Structures/ConcatEmpty]


namespace Exakat\Analyzer\Custom;

use Exakat\Analyzer\Analyzer;

class FirstTest extends Analyzer {
    /* Remove this if useless
    public function dependsOn() {
        return array('MethodDefinition');

    public function analyze() {


Define The Quality That Counts For You

One quality for all is a chimera. Exakat helps you to define your own PHP standard that meet the quality your Team and your product require. Exakat provides its own documented Software Development Kit based on a precise DSL (Domain specific language) to write you own rule(s). Start easily by duplicating one of our 450 rules.

Project Rulesets

Exakat offers a unique way to personalize the rules used during analysis of projects. These rulesets can meets the quality profiles you need for a project or a Team.
Every member of the project can see which rules have to followed.

All developers for One quality

All Developers for One Quality

Getting every developper on the same page about quality is hard enough. What happens when you add a ressources to your développement Team or start a new project ? Exakat enables you to strive quality and scale to every project : proof of concept, legacy, in-house, out-sourced or off-shored.


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