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Exakat comes with a ever-growing library for PHP coding best-practices that should be adopted by a development team. This know-how is usually spread over experts brains, blogs, books… and they tend to be forgotten. This is no more the case with Exakat. Exakat transform Expertise As A Code to create a Common Sustainable Knowledge Base for your development team

Overall health

Your project home page shows where you stand in terms of quality in one view. Our out-of-the box « Diplomat » Report raises a first agenda to achieve more cleaner and safer code.

Compare your code to the crowd

Every analysis has a popularity feature that show your code is ranking compared to others. Certainly, that @ is not important, but since 53% are using it, will you reevaluate how important it is ? Check our PHP Quality Index

Auto-document your code

It is also hard to keep track with evolutions of code in the documentation. Exakat can keep track for you of list of PHP directives, the extensions and the best PHP binary for your code.

PHP Compliance

The big thing for your project will be to follow PHP7 compatiblity. Quickly identifying backwards compatibility is a key point to address your PHP7 journey. Using Exakat’s PHP7 Version Compliance, you will spot in a smooth way all the line code to fix.

and more reports to strive the developper knowledge

To quickly overview your code, Exakat is provided with 30 reports which address : Quality, Coding Standards, Bugs fixing, Security, Performance and Documentation needs.

Class dependencies, based on class relations : extends, implements, use, call


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