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Check the code, as if you were reading it. Except, you’re using the unlimited power of cloud to search for all flaws in your application, in a fraction of the actual time needed to do so manually.

Bugs, Code Smells, Security or Quality issues

Clean and Safe code is a desirable state, but always difficult to achieve. Issues raised by Exakat are either demonstrably wrong code, or prone to misbehave :

  • Bug : code that lead clearly to a wrong behavior of your application
  • Code Smells : code that is complex to maintain : duplicate code, dead code…
  • Security : code that creates vunerabilities : SQL injection, hardcoded password…
  • Quality : code that lead to technical debt : lack of standardisation, norm violation, inconsistencies across Team…

  • PHP 7.4 (17 analyzers)Active
  • PHP 7.3 (12 analyzers)Active
  • PHP 7.2 (24 analyzers)Active
  • PHP 7.1 (31 analyzers)RELEASED
  • PHP 7.0 (46 analyzers)RELEASED
  • PHP 5.6 (56 analyzers)RELEASED

Handle PHP 5.6 to PHP-src

Exakat is able to review code with different versions of PHP, ranging from PHP 5.x to PHP 7.x, even 8.x. Actually, analysis for migration to the upcoming PHP versions are incorporated as they are published, and help prepare code for the future. And before a new version of PHP is released, you know the impact on your code.

Rely on a library of more than 400 rules

Exakat has collected the most extensive list of analysis for PHP : common pitfalls, logic fallacies, architecture rules, unused resources, code modernisation, useless expressions, unwanted expression, and more. They are inspired by everyday coding errors and CS theory applications. Each of them are carefully documented, with examples, further documentation and suggested alternatives.

Relay on a +400 rules library

Dig into meaningful issue

“Issues” raised gives you full power to analyze in detail your flaws. Each issue is detailed to explain :

  • what the issue is
  • where it is located
  • what is the root cause
  • how / why to fix it
  • A code example to how explain the violation.

Exakat is the every-day teammate of the developer.


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