PHP Worl 2015 brings together the entire world of PHP into one location together. The idea is to bring everyone together to learn from each other and make the greater PHP community stronger for it.

Damien Seguy, CTO of Exakat, will present the “Error messages in PHP 7” session based on our last release of Exakat which support now PHP7 migration.

Session : PHP 7 will be the stricter PHP version, with over 400 error messages. They range from reporting a fatal compilation error to helping with strict standards. During the session, we’ll review old-timer messages that are still plaguing us, new ones that are not linked to new features, and even a few that are disappearing. Funny at times, more serious at others, this session will help understand the messages that PHP reports and how to take advantage of them for better coding.

Room: Ash Grove A
When: Conference Day 1: November 18th, 4:30p–5:30p