Download and install Community Edition

Download exakat

Install Exakat and its dependencies

Create a folder; download exakat in that folder then run the install command.

mkdir exakat
cd exakat
curl -o exakat.phar ''
php exakat.phar install -v

After the installation, Exakat displays its current configuration. You can review it quickly to check if it fits.

Run the first audit

After installation, you are ready to run a first audit. Here is a small example to run an audit. You can use it to ensure that all is ready, before running on your own code.

// Init the code for the audit
php exakat.phar init -p sculpin -R;
// run the audit itself
php exakat.phar project -p sculpin -v

After the audit, open the file called ‘projects/sculpin/report/index.html’ in your browser. This is the Diplomat audit, with a preselection of interesting rules.