I’ll be giving a talk ‘automated PHP code audits‘ to the 010php user group, in Rotterdam.

“Even nowadays, PHP code is mostly manually audited. Expert pore over actual code, in search for bugs or code smells. Actually, it is possible to have PHP do this work itself ! Strengthened with the internal Tokenizer, bolstered by the manual, it is able to scan thousands of lines of code, without getting bored, and bringing pragmatic pieces of wisdom: official manual recommendations, version migration, code pruning and security. In the end, it deliver a global overview of the code, without reading it.”

We’ll focus on the different aspects of auditing code, and spend most of it on open code auditing, which is reading the code like it was programmed, so has to spot and eradicate problems. As this field subject is still uncharted waters, it will be a good ground for discussion!

Peter, Roberto and Ron have set up a group on meetup, and they hang on IRC : freenode network, #010php room. It was about 6 years since I last went on IRC, and it is good to meet one’s classics once in a while. Seems that little has changed, so it only bring good memories. I hope I won’t read too many logs from past years!

Deze conferentie zal in het Engels, en, misschien, zal ik een paar Nederlandse woorden te gebruiken. Ik zal de volgende keer beter te doen!