It is difficult to avoid the world cup yesterday. Since I’m not a football fan, but rather a PHP fan, I checked which technologies are in use for the national team. I got the list of the 32 national team, then checked they website. The great news is : PHP is a clear winner. Out of 32 teams, 18 uses PHP :

PHP world cup

Now, some other interesting fact : 50 % of the PHP website do display they version, using expose_php=On. The other web site makes a good job at hiding the information, but there are still some loophole, like robots.txt files, search page, 404 page or feed.php that leak the information.

In terms of version, there is room for improvement : PHP 5.2 to 5.4 is being used. Nigeria is the most advance football team in the wold, with 5.4.19. Netherlands is the least advanced, with 5.2.12…

php version world cup

Last, Drupal is used twice (by Spain and Ivory Coast), and WordPress once (by Costa Rica).

Full results :


Country Site Type Version
Nigeria PHP 5.4.19
Colombia PHP 5.3.17
France PHP 5.3.17
Chile PHP 5.3.16
Algeria PHP 5.3.10
Russia PHP 5.3.6
Belgium PHP 5.2.17
Honduras PHP 5.2.17
Netherlands PHP 5.2.12
Spain PHP
Ivory Coast PHP
Cameroon PHP
Ecuador PHP
Argentina PHP
Bosnia PHP
Germany PHP
Ghana PHP
Costa Rica PHP
Australia Unknown
Brazil Unknown
Japan Unknown
Croatia ASP.NET
England ASP.NET
Greece ASP.NET
Mexico ASP.NET
Portugal ASP.NET
South Korea ASP.NET
Switzerland ASP.NET
Uruguay ASP.NET
Italy JSP