Exakat is a real time code scanner and code fixer engine for all PHP 5.2 to PHP 8 applications.
Choose the way you want to use EXAKAT

Community Edition
Used and loved by 10,000+ developpers
150 rules
Free & Open Source
basd on your PHP LoC volume
For all CI/CD solution self-managed?
Self-hosted infrastructure
Dedicated Administration
Software Development Kit
Personalized Implementation


Can I try a project for free?

Simply create a Exakat Cloud Account or register with your GitHub Cloud or GitLab Cloud account (no payment required) for the trial.
You will enjoy the full functionalities of Exakat Cloud until 100.000 LoC for your public project. For private project, you can try using spot payment.

What is a Line of Code (LOC) on Exakat Cloud ?

LOCs stand for Line of Code. Exakat Cloud count all Line of Code of PHP that our Exakat Engine can analyse. Therefore, all unsupported languages are not taken into account in the Total. The LoC Total counted for a project is the maximum total PHP LOCs found during  all the analysis of this project.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes! The futur Exakat Cloud Subscription feature will continue to be without commitment. You can cancel your subscription in Your Account whenever you wish. The subscription is paid month by month. At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan to adapt the subscription to your LoC numbers needed.

What payment methods are available ?

Exakat Cloud support payments done by credit card.

Exakat Cloud credit card payment is outsourced to Stripe so we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

We also accept purchase orders and wire transfer payments for yearly subscriptions above 1M LOCs. In this case, you need to contact us through our Helpdesk.

Is my payment and my code secured ?

Yes and Yes. Ours payments are outsourced to Stripe which is certified Service Provider. Exakat Cloud don’t collect any payment information.

Code security is one of the most important concern in our activity. Exakat Cloud encrypts of every third party service token, credentials data and any sensitive information. Furthermore, Exakat Cloud detroys after at each analysis or fixing all the data required for the analysis.

Want more on Exakat Cloud ?

Exakat Cloud has some limits. As now, we accepts private projet until 1M LoC and we don’t accepts custom rules. For public repository, the limit is set to 100.00 LoC.  If we want more, please contact-us for Exakat Entreprise in a Self-Hosted mode.


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