We check the code just like you would do by reading it. Except, we’re using the unlimited memory of the computer to keep all in mind.
The automated analyzer focuses on everything that is simple but boring to do, so you don’t have to do it. Just zero on the code smell to remove it.
The analyzer collect experience from dozens of applications : it is actually growing it know-how with every run. Every time it find a better way or a new edge case, it prepares it for the next run. So next time, you’ll know about it before it actually happens.

Over 320 documented analyzers

Exakat has collected the most extensive list of analysis for PHP : spot pitfalls, logic fallacies, architecture rules, unused resources, code modernisation and more. They are inspired by everyday coding error and theoretical considerations. Each of them are carefully documented, with examples and alternatives.

Compare your code to the crowd

Every analysis has a popularity feature that show your code is ranking compared to others. Certainly, that @ is not important, but since 53% are using it, will you reevaluate how important it is ? Check our PHP Quality Index

No up-front configuration

mkdir exakat
cd exakat
wget -O exakat.phar http://dist.exakat.io/index.php?file=latest
wget -O apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.2.6-bin.zip http://ftp.tudelft.nl/apache/tinkerpop/3.2.6/apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.2.6-bin.zip
unzip apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.2.6-bin.zip
mv apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.2.6 tinkergraph
rm -rf apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-server-3.2.6-bin.zip

php exakat.phar doctor #enjoy Exakat !

Exakat comes ready to work on your code, without pre-configuration. Download exakat.phar, install the database, and audit your code. Once your start using it, you’ll follow the important results, and the one that you can ignore. Refine configuration, and keep improving.

Auto-document your code

It is also hard to keep track with evolutions of code in the documentation. Exakat can keep track for you of list of PHP directives, the extensions and the best PHP binary for your code.

Turn your code into data analytics

Exakat produces reports in HTML for human consumption, and may also produce CSV for spreadsheet manipulations or JSON for integration into Continuous integration. Apply machine learning or follow your progression by keeping track of all values.

Handle PHP 5.3 to PHP-src

Exakat is able to review code with different versions of PHP, ranging from PHP 5.x to PHP 7.x. Actually, analysis for migration to the upcoming PHP version are incorporated as they are published, and help prepare code for the future. And anytime a new version of PHP is produced, you may learn about the impact on your code.

Analyzers dedicated to a version
  • PHP 7.3 (5 analyzers)Active
  • PHP 7.2 (16 analyzers)Active
  • PHP 7.1 (21 analyzers)RELEASED
  • PHP 7.0 (36 analyzers)RELEASED
  • PHP 5.6 (40 analyzers)RELEASED
  • PHP 5.5 (51 analyzers)PAUSED
  • PHP 5.4 (58 analyzers)PAUSED
  • PHP 5.3 (62 analyzers)PAUSED

Works with frameworks

  • Zend Framework (137 analyzers)90%
  • Slim (25 analyzers)75%
  • CakePHP (17 analyzers)70%
  • Wordpress (13 analyzers)65%

Exakat works also with frameworks : analysis are tailored specifically for them, and others rules may be turned off. Exakat works together with Zend Framework, CakePHP, Slim and WordPress.

30 Reports ready to use

To quickly overview your code, Exakat is provided with 30 reports which address : Quality, Coding Standards, Bugs fixing, Security, Performance and Documentation needs..


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