Exakat run an automated audit on your code

How do you check the code

We check the code just like you would do by reading it. Except, we’re using the unlimited memory of the computer to keep all in mind.
The automated analyzer focuses on everything that is simple but boring to do, so you don’t have to do it. Just zero on the code smell to remove it.
The analyzer collect experience from dozens of applications : it is actually growing it know-how with every run. Every time it find a better way or a new edge case, it prepares it for the next run. So next time, you’ll know about it before it actually happens.

  • +100 rules
  • PHP 5.3 to 7.0
  • Static analysis
  • Accuracy
  • Advanced View
  • Documentation

More than 100 rules

PHP expertise at your finger point

An extensive rules list ( see here for details) to protect your application from security to best practice : spot various type of problem, PHP logic, incorrect usage of API, unused ressources, insecure data handling, code recommendations, framework depend best practices, inclusions, dead code, obsolet functions spotting, code simplifying,…


Your application metrics in real-time

An advanced appinfo(), cousin of phpinfo() : it collects as many information as possible about dependencies, extensions, configurations, classes and hierarchies.

Your PHP

More than the PHP of everyone, your PHP version

Exakat the right view of your code based on the right PHP version to facilitate migration or compliance.

Exakat is PHP7 ready

Beyond static analysis

End to end view of your project quality

Static code analysis offers a new view of your project quality. Exakat provide a global view and check your application across the multiple class, functions, files, ….

Accuracy to be focus

No enough time to waste it

Exakat is not only focus on providing you a best in class quality PHP expertise. Making the same job as your, Exakat can spot precisely your own PHP rules

Compelling dashboard

The more important in one view

Exakat provide a report view in an html mode to quickly be focus on the important. Categorization, filter, full-text search, …

Advanced Search

Easy to spot the right issues

Exakat provide a advanced search engine in an html mode to quickly spot the issues list you want to work on

Compelling documentation

Not alone to fix the errors

Based on the 10 years experiences of our team teaching PHP, Exakat will provide the final documentation to understand clearly and quickly why it is an error and what is the best practice to apply.