where can you get an elephpantWhere can you get an elephpant ?

The elephpant is the famous unofficial logo of the PHP community, turned into a snugly plush toy. They have been around the Internet since 2007, and may be met about everywhere. Elephpants have been sighted on every emerged continent in the world. But where can you get an elephpant ?

There are several sources of elephpants.

Online sales

You may buy them online, with shipping to your place.

Online Community

Get them in real life

  • Conferences : check a conference near you, to get a chance to win one. Sometimes, the conferences offer them as gift, like PHP Tek 2024.
  • Conferences 2 : it also happens that elephpants are given away at the conference they participate to : Vonage elephpants are spread that way.
  • Get an elephpant with contributions :
  • Visit a PHP user group : groups like 010PHP have local sales.  Several groups made an elephpant for themselves, like French PHP AFUP. Get in touch to check if they are any left, or see if you can join the next generation : a lot of user group think about one for them.
  • Companies : some companies ordered a herd of elephpants carrying their color, like Zend (several times), Shopware or Roave. They may not sell them, but give them at their own discretion. Some elephpants have been used as rewards by consulting companies.
  • Rare elephpants may be spotted on ebay or marktplaats  : try your local auction website and check if there are any opportunity. Some coders were lucky to get one.

New elephpant generations happen every year, and it is difficult to be everywhere in the world to collect them. Do not hesitate to get/buy several of them, so you can give, resell or even exchange them with another color at your local group.

Finally, when you have gathered a small herd around you, bring them with you and make a ‘elephpant family picture‘.

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