Exakat 2.2.3 is out !

The latest release of Exakat is out. It adds support for PHP 8.1 at the Exakat engine level : the new syntax are now recognized, and represented in the internal graph database. This covers enumerations, final constants, first class callable syntax, octal representation and readonly properties. All those are represented as detailled features and ready to […]

Meet us the 7. – 11. Juni at the Online – International PHP Conference 2021

IPC 2021

Damien Seguy, CTO of Exakat. Damien is speaking and will present “How to automate typehinting of PHP Code”. Nowadays, PHP’s typehinting has matured greatly and earned its slot in PHP coder’s tool belt. It is now facing the eternal challenge of catching up with legacy code. Those were built without type checks, leading to explicit […]