Exakat 1.2.5 review

Exakat 1.2.5 review

Exakat 1.2.5 worked on stability. Behind the scenes, we upgraded support for constant static expressions, and command line line configuration. Exakat and its databases were upgraded to PHP 7.2.5. So, this week, here is the quick Exakat 1.2.5 review.

PHP 7.2.5, 7.1.17 and 7.0.30 supported

Exakat takes advantages of its intimate knowledge of the code it visits to report the impact of PHP minor version on your code.

Open the Ambassador report (the default report), and go in the section Audits logs => bug fixes. You may see something like this:


This is the list of bugs that were closed in PHP, and that may affect your code.

For example, “Segmentation fault in buildFromIterator when directory name contains a \n” reports a bug that affecter the buildFromIterator method from the Phar Class.

Bug fixed in minor versions

This bug was fixed in PHP in the recent PHP version, and if it affects your code, you know now which PHP version is important to use.

Typically, those bugs are rare cases, as the usual usage is well tested, both with PHPT files and by everyone else. For example, ‘Wrong cp1251 detection’ reports the error in one letter in the cyrillic alphabet. That may never affect you if you don’t use cyrillic.

Direct link to bugs.php.net

Bug titles are directly extracted from bugs.php.net/#id. The link is on the right of the table, and leads directly to the detailed report about the bug. If it’s not clear enough by the title, you’ll find all the relevant details and some examples there.

Happy PHP code reviews

All the 340 analyzers are presented in the docs, including the crunchy Assign With And: avoid assigning results of a lettered logical combination, as assignation has precedence of and, or and xor. It’s a rare PHP bug_, rating at 13%.

You can check all of the exakat reports at the gallery: exakat gallery.

Download Exakat on exakat.io, install it with Docker, upgrade it with ‘exakat.phar upgrade -u’ and like us on github.