inPHPinityHow to make an elePHPant (WIP)

Here is the official page about how to make an elephpant (PHP plush toy) generation. This is a Work In Progress, and this article is not yet finished. Come back later for new filled sections.


Table of content

  • Why doing an elePHPant generation
  • Preparing for an elePHPant generation
  • Folklore of the elePHPant generation
  • Miscellaneous info


Why doing an elePHPant generation?

Here are some questions and pre requisite you need to address before starting doing an elephpant generation. No involvment yet (this is the next section), and a lot of fun imagining what it could be.

What is an elephpant generation

An elephpant generation is a batch of elePHPant, the PHP plush

Values of the elephpant

Art of the elePHPant


Colors and nails

Artistic review

Preparing for an elePHPant generation

This section deals with the realities of making an elephpant generation. Once you have secured the questions of the previous chapter, it is time to make it a reality. This comes with hard question, like money, custom certification or where the hell will I store so many plush toys.

Make sure to read the previous chapter first, as this is the non-fun part, with all the potential deal breakers.

Who to ask about an elephpants generation

  • Vincent Pontier
  • Damien Seguy
  • Manuel Lemos (blue and pink elephpants)


  • Prepare the art of the elephpant
  • Check your target audience and size the generation
  • Secure the budget
  • Make a prototype
  • Validate prototype and start production
  • Tease the community with the prototype
  • Finish paiment for production
  • Wait for delivery
  • Receive elephpants and celebrate
  • Ship elephpants to their new families

Size of the generation


Budget is quite straightforward when the generation has been sized. Simple, yet not easy.

The figure that are offered here are based on estimates, and in July 2022. Use them when working on the idea, but always check them with the actual production site, as they are subjects to fluctuation, including inflation, custom fees, labor easy, international shipping and insurance, exchange rate, etc.

Elephpants cost estimation is about 15 euros/USD each, all included. This estimate covers production, royalty fees, shipping by boat, toy certication (Europe CE); it is for normal sized elephpant (aka, not the big ones). It is a good figure for budgeting.

Small elephpants batches starts at 300 (three hundreds), and the largest batch ever was 6000 (six thousands). Unit price decreases with the size of the order, and the budget always grow : in case of doubt, stick to a smaller batch.

Large elephpants batches need a 1000 elephpant order, and may be made by unit. Each is about 100 euros/USD each.


Shipping is usually offered by boat or by air. Air shipping is a lot faster, but also a lot more expensive. Given the timeline, it is usually worth waiting a few weeks more and get the elephpants in a cheaper and greener way.


Folklore of the elePHPant generation

A large part of making an elephpant generation lies in the folklore around it. Planning it, making it, receiving them and shipping them is a long process, with its own specific silly traditions. Here are some of them.


In English, the same word is used for both assisting baby birth and reception of goods : delivery. So, an elephpant generation has a date delivery to the happy Phpathers and PHPothers : by extension, this is the date the elePHPants are born.

PHParents : PHPathers and PHPothers

Just like elePHPant is build as a porte-manteau from elephant and PHP, a wide range of words are porte-manteau-ed the same way in the PHP world : P’s and F’s are replaced by PHP, leading to a new, strange yet vaguely familiar word.

This applies to the family : whoever is taking responsability of the

The first elephpant

The first elephpant goes by the name of ‘Trisaïeul’, a French word meaning great-great-grand-parent. Although, this first elephpant also goes as the ‘grand-father of all elephpants’. Also noteworthy : there are currently over 50 elephpants generations, which would make that name a long long repetition of ‘great’.

The elePHPant mother

Elephpants are known to have one great-grand-father, aka Trisaïeul, the first elephpant ever. NO ONE asks who was the partner of that first elephpant, carrying about 6000 cubs in one pregnancy : just NO ONE.

Unloading the elephpants

Miscellaneous info

elePHPants and elePHPants

elePHPants actually have two meaning :

  • The original drawing by Vincent Pontier, and all its derivatives
  • The plush toy elePHPant, based on Vincent Pontier drawing, and produced by Damien Seguy.

Although both notions are close, they are two distinct art productions.

Special cases and accomodations

Of course, each elephpant generation is different, and may be prepared in a slightly different way from the others. Half production by boat, and half by plane? Biological fur or multi-colored toe-nail? Each in a box or all under a vacuum ? Local factory or remote one? Extra certifications ?

While this guide get you through a lot of details, some of those have to be discussed directly with Vincent Pontier or the production facility. Some are possible, others cost more and some are not possible : if you have a special idea for your elephpant, come and discuss it, we’ll do our best to have it done or find an alternative.