PHP 8 Attribute usage in 2023

PHP 8 attributes in 2023 PHP 8 introduced the attributes, in lieu of the phpdoc comments. They may be added to classes, methods, functions, parameters, properties and class constants and provide a PHP-way to write custom configurations. This is a way to provide contextual information inside the code, and make it available to the PHP […]

PHP Native Attributes quick reference

PHP native attributes In PHP 8.0, PHP added native attributes to its vast arsenal of features. Later, the first native attribute, aka, available in the core of PHP, appeared. Here they are, for quick reference. In PHP 8.3, there are 5 native attributes. PHP 8.0 Attribute PHP 8.1 ReturnTypeWillChange SensitiveParameter PHP 8.2 AllowDynamicProperties PHP 8.3 […]