weekly report 28
Weekly report for the week from 20-06-2022 to 03-07-2022

These are the focus rules for this week :

  • Unthrown Exception : List of exceptions that are defined in the code but never thrown.
  • Undefined static:: Or self:: : The identified property or method are undefined.
  • Use Constant : Some functioncalls have a constant equivalent, that is faster to execute than calling the function.
  • Reuse Existing Variable : A variable is already holding the content that is calculated again : it could be used again.
  • Empty Classes : Classes that do no define anything at all : no property, method nor constant.

Weekly reports are a list of 5 reviews, that are shared across the community of Exakat users. They are a reasonable amount of work, and help focus on specific problems. They also change every week, to spice things up.
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