6 good practices for use in PHP

6 good practices for ‘use’ in PHP While reviewing code recently, I realized there are no guidelines for use. Every modern code do use ‘use’ (sic), as importing classes from composer or a framework is the norm. There are now quite a few variations in syntax for importing classes or traits. Although the impact on performance […]

Last features in PHP 7.1 (part c)

This is the third part of our series about last features in PHP 7.1. See ‘Upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part a)‘ and ‘More upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part b)‘. PHP 7.1 is now RC1 since our last article, so better dive into the code fast. We are now presenting the last batch of […]

Const behavior in PHP 7

Const behavior in PHP 7 I always thought const behavior to be like class. Well, of course, beside the obvious differences, const and class were compile-time structures. They are complete at compilation, and could be op-coded and cached. This is unlike the slower define() function (for const), which requires PHP execution to be creating constants. This […]

Upgraded Exakat : serie 0.7.x

There is an upgraded Exakat version available. Since May, we’ve been working hard on a major upgrade of the exakat code base. After two years of growing and adding features, the initial architecture was showing signs of aging, that needed to be upgraded. For example, structures definitions, such as classes, functions, constants, etc. were kept […]