Building analysis to get ready for PHP 8.3 with static analysis

With PHP 8.3 coming up next week, it is time to review our code bases with static analysis, and update everything that can be before the new version hits the production server. With a mixed bag of new features, changed behaviors and backward incompatible changes, PHP 8.3 is a prime subject of analysis. So, let’s […]

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3 Exakat 0.10.3 shipped with 6 new PHP analyzers : see the changelog. Here is a short presentation of them : Use array_column() array_column() is a little known PHP native function. Read about the story : Ben Rasmey tells it himself : When you plan to contribute to the PHP code with a new […]