Method fossilisation

Method fossilisation Fossilisation happens when things get harder to update. It is a process, more than a final state. In particular, it happens to methods when the signature is shared across multiple classes. With interfaces and inheritance, changing some of the elements of a method’s signature means refactoring the code in several other locations. The […]

Exakat 1.4.4 review

Exakat 1.4.4 review This week’s version includes a lot of under-the-hood work. We have worked on eliminating several internal analysis, such as ‘Used Classes’, which provides the basis for ‘Unused Classes’ : Unused classes are classes that are not used (sic), and used classes comes in a surprising number of situations : new, ::, use, […]

Exakat 1.2.4 review

Exakat 1.2.4 review Exakat 1.2.4 features a special report ‘Confusing variables’, that help readability by reducing the number of look-alike among variables. Several bugs were also hunted and get rid of. In the same time, we have some more recommendations about memory usage. It is a bright cold day in April, and the versions are […]

Exakat 1.2.1 review

Exakat 1.2.1 review Exakat 1.2.1 brings several new analysis, and a boost of speed with improved concurrency. Analysis now suggest simplifying chr() calls, mistaking increment operator and reducing complexity of expressions. The Favorites report displays properties declarations style. So, without transition, here is the Exakat 1.2.1 review. Fastest Exakat version ever At the heart of […]

Exakat 0.11.5 review

Exakat 0.11.5 is out, right after the excellent Darkmira Tour Brazil. Although it delayed the Monday publication, it also gave a list of good ideas and some time in the airport to work on it. So, this version is featuring a new report, called ‘Dependency wheel’, and four new analysis: Avoid typehinting with classes, Could […]

exakat 0.11.3 review

Exakat 0.11.3 review Exakat 0.11.3 is out. This version focuses on speed gains, stability and adds 4 new analysis. As for news, there is now support for the sphinx and grpc extensions. Exakat also reports ‘randomly sorted arrays’, multiple catch on try and the alternative tags consistence. More insights for your code. Randomly sorted arrays […]