Using Exakat with Docker

Using Exakat with Docker Exakat is available on docker, as community version. It is available at Here is how to use it. Installation Docker is needed to run this tutorial. To install exakat, start docker, then run the following command in the terminal : docker pull exakat/exakat:latest With a graphical interface, such as Docker […]

Exakat 2.4.6 Review

loops goes inside

Exakat 2.4.6 Review Exakat 2.4.6 finishes the movement to Gremlin 3.6. It now prepares PHP 8.2, with the upcoming feature freeze by the end of July. Preparation for Gremlin 3.6.0 With this version, Exakat has finished the move to Gremlin server 3.6.0. All drivers are now ready, and many rules have been ported to the […]

Configuring Rules in Exakat

Configuring Exakat with Rules

Configuring Rules in Exakat Exakat default installation is tailored for discovery : it is made so as to give a broad view over the engine’s possibilities. As your experience grows, a more refined configuration is needed to adapt the results to the style of the development team. This tutorial helps your configuring rules in Exakat. […]

Exakat in Github Action

Exakat in Github Action Github Actions is way to automate your software development workflow on github. You can execute actions on your repositories at Github, and resolve issues before merging new code. Exakat integrates smoothly in the Github ecosystem with a dedicated action and its configuration. Let’ install Exakat in Github Action! Getting started Exakat […]

Method fossilisation

Method fossilisation Fossilisation happens when things get harder to update. It is a process, more than a final state. In particular, it happens to methods when the signature is shared across multiple classes. With interfaces and inheritance, changing some of the elements of a method’s signature means refactoring the code in several other locations. The […]

Exakat 1.5.3 review

Exakat 1.5.3 Review Exakat 1.5.4 add more after-coding review for your code : after suggesting upgrading visibility on properties, it now checks class candidates for final and abstract keyword. As you can guess, a class won’t be a candidate for them at the same time. We also include more review of generators, including the PHP […]

Exakat 1.4.4 review

Exakat 1.4.4 review This week’s version includes a lot of under-the-hood work. We have worked on eliminating several internal analysis, such as ‘Used Classes’, which provides the basis for ‘Unused Classes’ : Unused classes are classes that are not used (sic), and used classes comes in a surprising number of situations : new, ::, use, […]

EPIC : Exakat PHP Index of Coding (August 2018)

Exakat PHP Index of coding Not using @ is the poster child of good practices. It’s also looked upon, as an impossible goal. Did you know that the @ operator is only merely used by 50% of PHP applications ? Same for parenthesis with include and co : don’t use them, like 50% of the […]