loops goes insideExakat 2.4.6 Review

Exakat 2.4.6 finishes the movement to Gremlin 3.6. It now prepares PHP 8.2, with the upcoming feature freeze by the end of July.

Preparation for Gremlin 3.6.0

With this version, Exakat has finished the move to Gremlin server 3.6.0. All drivers are now ready, and many rules have been ported to the new syntax. Gremlin is now supported by the Amazon Neptun servers. It might be a future architecture evolution.

If you have ever checked out a Graph Database, Gremlin Server rocks!

New analysis

New functions in PHP 8.2 the list of new functions that are coming up in PHP 8.2. They might have a naming conflict with some custom functions.

More typehints in the Exakat Engine

Several classes where upgraded with type for properties and more methods. This usually leads to some refactoring, for various practices reasons : those values may be filtered before being used, or have a temporary stage of null. Also, the default migration is made toward scalars, and they will later be upgraded to classes.

Until then, they already caught some errors of type, which fixed some cases of missing dictionary usage. Scalar type do bring some goodness with them.

Happy PHP Code Reviews

All the 1500 analyzers are presented in the manual, including the surprising : No Return Used): The return value of the following methods are never used.

You can check all of the Exakat reports at the gallery: exakat gallery.

To use Exakat, you can install it as a phar archive, install it with Docker, upgrade it with ‘exakat.phar upgrade -u’ and like us on github.

It is also available as a Saas Platform.