Exakat 0.10.7 : support for slim framework

Exakat 0.10.7 (Immortal Antelope Power) ships with a lot of behind the scene works, and little to show. This is now becoming a classic: we need to collect a lot of data from frameworks or PHP, store them by version, and generate… a boolean. All that work for so little. But, in the end, it […]

Exakat 0.10.5 review

Exakat 0.10.5 review Exakat 0.10.5 (code name : immortal of tiger power) shipped with no less than six new analyzers and a major upgrade of the Zend Framework report. Here is the exakat 0.10.5 review. Could be callable argument Exakat now reports arguments that may be type-hinted with callable. Callable covers every form of callbacks […]

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3

6 new PHP analyzers in Exakat 0.10.3 Exakat 0.10.3 shipped with 6 new PHP analyzers : see the changelog. Here is a short presentation of them : Use array_column() array_column() is a little known PHP native function. Read about the story : Ben Rasmey tells it himself : https://benramsey.com/projects/array-column/. When you plan to contribute to the PHP code with a new […]

Last features in PHP 7.1 (part c)

This is the third part of our series about last features in PHP 7.1. See ‘Upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part a)‘ and ‘More upcoming features in PHP 7.1 (part b)‘. PHP 7.1 is now RC1 since our last article, so better dive into the code fast. We are now presenting the last batch of […]

Const behavior in PHP 7

Const behavior in PHP 7 I always thought const behavior to be like class. Well, of course, beside the obvious differences, const and class were compile-time structures. They are complete at compilation, and could be op-coded and cached. This is unlike the slower define() function (for const), which requires PHP execution to be creating constants. This […]

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7

Static analysis helps migrate to PHP 7 Static analysis is the analyze of PHP code without running it. The traditional way to do this is to read the code and understand it. The modern way is to use a static analysis software. Including static analysis as a regular sanity check in your coding process raises […]