Exakat 1.7.9 Review

Exakat 1.7.9 Review Exakat 1.7.9 is bringing a wide range of updates and upgrades. First, support for PHP 7.4 is growing, with arrow functions and spread operators in arrays, and ffi extension. Then, we extended the nested ternary, in preparation for PHP 7.4’s non-nesting features. And finally, the Inventory report added the inclusions list, while […]

Exakat 1.7.5 review

Exakat 1.7.5 Review Exakat 1.7.5 has been a lot of work behind the scenes. All containers, may it be variable, arrays or properties have been refactored to keep track of their usage. The Files/MissingInclude analysis was extended to be configured with constants and variables. You code once, and when the Exakat 1.7.5 review is right, […]

Exakat 1.7.1 review

Exakat 1.7.1 Review The Exakat 1.7.1 fixes the bugs reported from last week’s major upgrade. ‘Concentrated issues’ is a new section for the Ambassador report, which puts lines of code that collected the most errors. The Exakat engine also received an upgrade to support ‘Virtualproperty’. The Quality section reached 2900 UT tests (again). Every great […]

Exakat 1.6.5 review

Exakat 1.6.5 Review The Exakat 1.6.5 review comes in with a lot of extensions and some new analysis. In particular, we add support for pcov and weakref, two interesting PECL extensions; New analysis report variables that are used as conditions, and arrays that are initialized as strings (duh!); Finally, the Ambassador report and several previous […]

Exakat 1.6.1 Review

Exakat 1.6.1 Review This is the Exakat 1.6.1 review for the 2019 new year! New analyzers focus on the upcoming speed boost for array_key_exists(), and the sometimes missing capturing subpatterns from preg_match(). The Ambassador report now includes a ‘new issues’ section, which displays only the most recently found issues in the code, since the last […]

Exakat 1.5.6 review

Exakat 1.5.6 Review This week, on radio Exakat 1.5.6 : we added analysis to report the too verbose isset($a) && isset($a[1]), support for the SDL extension, and a check on useless trait’s method aliases. We also fixed a nest of nasty syntax, thanks to PHP own unit tests. Quick, Robin, to the Exakat 1.5.6 review. […]

Exakat 1.5.3 review

Exakat 1.5.3 Review Exakat 1.5.4 add more after-coding review for your code : after suggesting upgrading visibility on properties, it now checks class candidates for final and abstract keyword. As you can guess, a class won’t be a candidate for them at the same time. We also include more review of generators, including the PHP […]

Exakat 1.4.4 review

Exakat 1.4.4 review This week’s version includes a lot of under-the-hood work. We have worked on eliminating several internal analysis, such as ‘Used Classes’, which provides the basis for ‘Unused Classes’ : Unused classes are classes that are not used (sic), and used classes comes in a surprising number of situations : new, ::, use, […]