Meet us the 7. – 11. Juni at the Online – International PHP Conference 2021

IPC 2021

Damien Seguy, CTO of Exakat. Damien is speaking and will present “How to automate typehinting of PHP Code”. Nowadays, PHP’s typehinting has matured greatly and earned its slot in PHP coder’s tool belt. It is now facing the eternal challenge of catching up with legacy code. Those were built without type checks, leading to explicit […]

Common PHP 8.0 Compilation Error Messages

Common PHP 8.0 Compilation Error Messages With PHP 8.0 closing on us, it is high time to check our code bases to see if they compile, at least. Here is a list of common PHP 8.0 compilation messages, and what do to with them. The errors have been found on a corpus of 1756 PHP […]

Variable Variables Usage

PHP variable variables

Variable Variables Usage I call them ‘variable variables’, because it makes a funny sentence. What? Aren’t variables supposed to …vary, change, get altered? Indeed, they do. Yet, there are the ‘dynamic variables’ in PHP, which have been around as long as PHP itself (at least, PHP 3.+). Recent tutorials around the web, like Dynamic variables […]

PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities Forecast

PHP 8.0 incompatibilities forecast

Which are the PHP 8.0 Significant Incompatibilities to expect? PHP 8.0 is around the corner, with major applications starting their move to have compatible code by early December 2020. This is the case of WordPress, Laravel, or PHP-CS-Fixer. Exakat is all ready, both for running on PHP 8.0, and auditing PHP 8 code. What about […]

Configuring Rules in Exakat

Configuring Exakat with Rules

Configuring Rules in Exakat Exakat default installation is tailored for discovery : it is made so as to give a broad view over the engine’s possibilities. As your experience grows, a more refined configuration is needed to adapt the results to the style of the development team. This tutorial helps your configuring rules in Exakat. […]

PHP 8.0 named parameters and variadic

Named arguments and variadic in PHP 8 PHP 8.0 introduces the named arguments. This is an extension of the current positional syntax. Named arguments removes some of the limitations. It also modernizes the way methods are called with an arbitrary number of arguments, with the spread operator. Let’s see what is happening there. Quick review […]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for @

I scream, you scream, we all scream for @ @ is a classic PHP operator, meant to suppress error displays locally. It is a staple of PHP code, in use in over 65% of PHP repositories : 2 repositories out of 3. Yet, it is widely recommended avoiding using it. Indeed, are there good reasons […]

Exakat 2.1.9 review

Exakat 2.1.9 Review Exakat 2.1.9 comes loaded with no fewer than 11 new analysis : half of them are for PHP 8.0, and the other half is for code quality. There is now a dedicated report for migration to PHP, with backward incompatibility, and also suggestions. Let’s dive in the Exakat 2.1.9 Review. Migration to […]